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Cosmi semi-automatic mechanics

The semi-automatic Cosmi shotgun gained its fame thanks to its elegant line and technical uniqueness.

From the first glance, what stands out the most is the feature that most distinguishes it: unique in the world, the Cosmi is a semi-automatic shotgun that opens like a side-by-side gun.

The original opening system allows the hunter to always have the mechanical part of the gun under control and always being able to operate in maximum safety. No gun is safer than an open gun.

The pivoting opening allows numerous technical, as well as aesthetic, advantages, including the insertion of the tubular magazine in the stock. This feature contributes to the weight balance of the gun giving a feeling not only of lightness, but also of great stability. Using the stock as a magazine allows the Cosmi gun to have a potential capacity of 8 shots. (on request it is possible to reduce the number of shot to comply with the laws of the country)

The semi-automatic Cosmi shotgun uses the long recoil operating system.

The recoil spring is placed under the forearm over the barrel. The spring is assisted by a very powerful contrast elastic element which acts as a recoil damper eliminating the whip effect.

The two parts of the action are closed by a bolt acting on a central crampon. Two other lateral crampons, present at the rear sides of the upper part of the armor, go to creep in as many niches perfecting the closure of the gun.

In the semi-automatic Cosmi the passion for aesthetics and functionality of an extremely efficient gun coexist.

All Cosmi barrels are made with a traditional drilling method by turning from a solid metal; the eye-barrel assembly is a unique piece so it is not welded. The customer can choose between 2 different versions of Boheler Antinit steel and the new Maraging steel, materials selected for their outstanding strength and elasticity. The barrels are available with length and chokes (fixed or mobile) according to customer requirements, with or without rib.

The customer has the possibility to quickly change the barrel of his gun.

The Cosmi mechanics is very particular, being composed of an interlocking system that joins together the over 100 mechanical components.

Every component of Cosmi gun is literally "extracted" from solid and machined metal.

The mechanics are always clearly visible and the maintenance is immediate thanks to the opening system.

Cosmi uses only stocks of best Caucasian walnut quality. Every single stock is finished by hand to be customized according to the customer's characteristics: length, fold, advantage and shape.

The knurling is very fine on the pistol grip and forearm and has precise longitudinal notches. Everything is finished with a polishing pad.

Never before any mechanical parts of this gun passed through an industrial line .

The individual mechanical components are all finished by hand and are limited in number and made exclusively in Italy. Attention to detail and mirror finishes complete the mechanics of this prestigious weapon.

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